Thursday, May 20, 2010

A chapter closed

We’re closing a chapter of our lives today. It was a very good chapter. We’ve finally sold our other house and we’re closing with the new owners this morning. We feel truly blessed that God has sent us a precious family who will love and care for this home the way we did. It’s what we prayed for after all. I pray that they too will be blessed and have peace and joy each day they live in this house.


I didn’t realize it would feel this bittersweet. Letting go. I imagined we would feel relieved when we no longer had 2 mortgages to make, and we do. But this house is special. It’s where we planted our first garden. And 10th wedding anniversary roses. It’s where we pressed our little one’s hands and feet into fresh concrete to preserve a special moment. So, yes. It’s a bittersweet day today.

I will count my blessings today and praise God for leading us to this new place. Our sweet homestead.


Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Oh Melissa I know exactly how you feel! When we sold the home we had lived in for 14 years it was very hard to see it go in the end. This is where memories were made. It's wonderful that you like the people who bought your home and feel that they will love it as you did. the end makes it easier to let go. Now you can move on and truely enjoy your new homestead on the lake and make special memories there. Have a wonderful day....Maura:)

Ann said...

It's good news, Melissa, though I can understand the sadness too.

Glad you are starting to feel better, surgery of any kind always takes longer to get over than we expect, I think that anyway.

Your garden is looking very productive, hope you get some rain soon though. I've just been watering my veg plot, it is so dry, that's unusual for us at this time of year. The temperature today got up to 70F, about time too!


How wonderful to have breathing room with your finances AND have a wonderful family to enjoy your old HOUSE. Remember, that house is not your home. Your home is where your family thrives.


Melissa said...

Maura, that's what I'm focusing on. We are truly happy here. I can't imagine ever wanting to be anywhere else.

Ann, yes indeed. This recovery process is taking so much longer than I anticipated. We finally got a good rain last night, and we are so relieved! Things are looking lush and green again this morning. And I couldn't be happier that you're finally getting your warmth.

Maybelline, I appreciate the encouragement. You are exactly right. And we are indeed thriving in this place! This is a wonderful HOME! : )

inadvertent farmer said...

I am dreading the day we move from our home...been here 15 years, built it ourselves and it has more memories than can be counted...Kim