Monday, June 7, 2010

Breaking it in…


I’ve wasted no time getting to know my new kitchen. I feel right at home in this new space.


Have I introduced you to my old friend Fannie Farmer? You really should get to know her yourself.


She makes the most amazing apple cobbler. Oh, my!  This stuff is soooo very delicious.


This morning my garden offered up Contender green beans, yellow crookneck summer squash, rosemary, tomatoes, and a Cajun bell pepper.


Sliced and roasted with a little extra-virgin olive oil and sea salt, they were divine.


These will be next year’s Cajun bell peppers.


And last but certainly not least, a whole grain English muffin lightly toasted and filled with all natural sausage links and an organic brown egg.

Yes, I still enjoy washing dishes here!


Ann said...

Sounds like you are having fun in your new kitchen, Melissa! The colours of your garden produce look beautiful in that dish. I could just eat that muffin, looks really yummy.

Stacey said...

OHHH your produce is gorgeous!!! Here in utah we are just getting our gardens into the sun we had snow 2~1/2 weeks ago. some people lost everything and had to start over. We were fortunate and everything survived. Our weather has been crazy and we have not had a spring, now the temps are reaching into the 90's so it seems as if we go from winter straight into summer. I have been able to pull out some wonderful spinach and lettuce from my garden, it was yummy. Looks like we will be having salad every night! I love the remodel on your kitchen it turned out lovely. So glad you got to go to the beach for the week. YOU NEEDED to have a vacation! thanks for the beautiful blog! I love checking out your posts.

Melissa said...

Maura, I'm definitely going to give the applesauce cake and dumplings a try soon! I've been thoroughly pleased with every dish I've every tried from Fannie. I love the simple, wholesome recipes so much. Thank you for your sweet compliments!

Ann, if I could, I'd ship one of those muffins right over for you! I hope all is well for you and Graham in the UK. : )

Stacey, so good to see you back around here! I'm very sorry to hear about the snow you guys recently had. I can't imagine. I'm glad your garden was able to weather the storm. There's nothing quite like freshly picked produce from your own backyard, is there? I appreciate the compliment on our kitchen. And yes, I DID NEED that vacation! : )