Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another last…


It’s watermelon this time. I noticed today that the majority of my last few posts dealt with lasts.

The last of the tomatoes, the last bit of summer vacation, the last harvest.


Well, we enjoyed our last watermelon this week. And it was so very sweet and delicious!


With plenty of seeds for spitting… and saving.


I preserved them the way my Papa showed me how:

Let the seeds sit in a bowl of water until the seeds sink and the pulp floats.

Pour off the pulpy water and rinse the seeds.

Then, let them sit on a cloth until thoroughly dry.

I let mine sit on the counter for a few days before I transfer them to a labeled and dated envelope.


These are next year’s Sugar Baby Icebox Watermelons.

They certainly lived up to their name… Super sweet and small enough to fit in the fridge!

We all agreed that this was the perfect size watermelon for us. Perfect for the 3 of us (the hubs does not eat watermelon – I know, the horror!) to share on a hot summer afternoon.


Rhetta @ On Raspberry Hill said...

Such beautiful watermelon! We love the 'personal size' for our empty nest. Sadly, we must hit the farmer's market or the grocery store to obtain one. Thanks for letting us live vicariously in your garden this summer!


This is very helpful information. Thank you. This summer I grew Malali watermelons. The seeds are unbelievably gigantic. They originated in Israel and grow well in the hot Bakersfield summer.

Melissa @ Sweet Homestead Alabama said...

Rhetta, you should take the home gardening plunge! When we lived in the city, I had 2 raised beds that measured 4 x 16 ft. each... plenty of space to enjoy a bountiful harvest! Really, it doesn't take that much space. Two 4 x 4 beds would work... : )

Maybelline, I would love to see your Malali watermelons and seeds. Did I miss where you've posted them?

Diane@Peaceful Acres said...

My Granpa grew the very best watermelons. He'd take me out to the garden pick a melon. Cut it open right there and cut out one side of the heart for me and the other for himself. Then he'd throw the rest away! He always said that the hearts were the best part! That was over 40 yrs ago. I still can't grow melons like he did!