Thursday, February 3, 2011

I could never be a vegetarian


… and this is why. Oh-so-yummy, grass-fed, locally raised beef. Enough said.

Not only does it taste divine, but I also believe grass-fed meat (bone broth and butter in particular) has many health benefits. That’s not to say that we eat a large slab of meat at every meal. I’m also very frugal, and steak is a rare treat. We enjoy beans and locally grown organic produce in abundance.

I make just about everything we eat from scratch. Yes, it takes up a good portion of my day, but I look at is as an investment in our health. I use my crockpot on the days I lack inspiration (or energy). It just feels right for me to be in the kitchen. I mill my own grain into flour, and I’m sure to soak all grains (and nuts and beans) before we consume them. We drive a considerable distance to obtain raw milk. I could go on and on about nourishing food and traditional food preparation methods, but I won’t. Suffice it to say that I really wish we’d been eating this way all along. Maybe then I wouldn’t have Crohn’s disease (DO NOT click if you are faint of heart!)… or be suffering with degenerative discs in my neck… or need 2 more cervical spine surgeries. Ugh!

Enough looking back. I’m moving forward these days. I’ve been eating this way for a little over a year now. My digestive system is healthier than it’s been in a long time. We regenerate our bones at the rate of 20% per year. The way I see it, if I keep eating nourishing foods, in 5 years I can have new, nourished, healthy bones!

Allow me to be a blessing to you – take my advice: get your own copy of Nourishing Traditions. Please don’t wait until you are sick to think about what you are putting into your mouth. My grandmother always told me, “You are what you eat.” And that’s the truth, my friends.

“When you eat the labor of your hands,

You shall be happy, and it shall be well with you.”

~Psalm 128:2 (NKJV)


Ann said...

I couldn't be a vegetarian either and, like you, eat small portions of meat. We had steak the other day from humanely reared animals, what a difference it makes.

Berit said...

Digestion and Skin and Immune Health are all linked so intimately. (Not unlike the twin epidemic of Obesity and Type II Diabetes in America).

The idea that those 3 go together is very eastern medicine, but nonetheless true. I've been slipping these past 3 months or more, but I need to take up the good fight again. I've all but decided to borrow Nourishing Traditions from the Library, now just to do the legwork!

The skin is the largest organ of the body, but there is also a person's intestinal bacteria colony, which is so large that if isolated would weigh approx. 2lbs in an adult! That's a lot of organisms, pro or con! Problems with the digestion manifest in the skin, as some of the more tragic Chron's (of which I only know a little) symptoms show.

Beef is a favorite of mine, but since trying grass-fed it's hard to settle for less, eh? Cows can't even digest corn (which I'm sure you know) and I won't elaborate on that.

I'm still just trying to reconcile such a daily expenditure of effort on meals. Sigh. I can't help feeling immature that I'm resisting the bit so much on this.

Sweet Homestead Alabama said...

Ann, I'm glad you enjoy beef, too!

Sweet Homestead Alabama said...

Berit, you won't be sorry you read NT! It is full of good info and tons of healthy recipes. I reference my copy nearly everyday. There are over 700 (I think) recipes!