Monday, March 29, 2010

Family Game Night and Aunt Patty’s Spaghetti


I love my family. Every night last week they made sure we had something good to eat.

My mom made chicken tetrazzini.

My Aunt Pam sent us pizza.

My grandfather made fried chicken.

And my Aunt Patty made us spaghetti.

It was a tremendous blessing to not have to worry about what we would eat for dinner.


Aunt Patty read my mind and sent these delicious cheesy garlic biscuits. I was seriously craving biscuits that day!


Isn’t her Pyrex gorgeous? I haven’t decided if she’ll get them back, yet. Just kidding, Aunt Patty!


We love to play board games around here.


Scrabble is a family favorite. It’s a good way to help kids build spelling skills while having fun.

Even the littlest one gets to play with her own letters.


For years, we played on the board that I grew up with.

But for Christmas this past year, we received this Scrabble Diamond Edition. I highly recommend it.


And to keep us honest, when a word is in doubt, we look it up in Daniel’s dictionary.


Can you believe they argued with me about the spelling of G-R-O-O-V-Y?

It supposedly had to have an E in there between the V and the Y.

A little known fact about Melissa… She’s a serious speller. The stuff of spelling bee legends. No joke.


And my husband is seriously competitive.


See how he’s pouting? He HATES to lose.


Yep. That would be my score on the right.

Even doped up on prescription pain meds, I still have some mad spelling skills.

But, to be honest, my brain was swimming at times, and I erased MANY times due to various errors of addition.

Would you believe I once won a math marathon in high school? Seriously shameful.

I’ll be so happy when I can give up this nasty medication.


maura said...

Good to see that you're feeling somewhat better Melissa! Mmmmm those biscuits look SOOOO good that your Aunt made...I started craving something savory as soon as I saw the picture! It must be wonderful to have your family living close're a lucky woman. really are a good speller...and you're good at math too???..WOW wish I could say that! I hope you're feeling good enough to get off your meds soon. Take good care of yourself and I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! Maura

PS Thanks for stopping by was nice to 'see' you.

Ann said...

Men are so competitive, it's never 'only a game' to them is it!!!

Hope each day gets better for you Melissa, and that you are off the pain-killers soon.