Wednesday, March 24, 2010



Today, I’m feeling blessed to be at home. Recovering from neck surgery. Surrounded by love.

These are from my sweet Sara Lynn, who loves giving her mama fresh picked flowers. I love you, baby girl.


This gorgeous Spring day is a gift from God. So beautiful. So refreshing.

Good motivation for me to heal and get out there in my garden.


This is my favorite comfy chair, where I will spend the next few weeks healing.

Surrounded by seeds, gardening books, cookbooks, and my favorite quilt. Good stuff.


This morning I discovered a love note, from my son, who I adore. He does little things that make me smile all the time.

Daniel, you are so special to me.


A closer look at what’s on my shelf this week. Tucked in between the cookbooks, are a few of Daniel and Sara Lynn’s favorites.

I’m determined to make this a good week despite my circumstances.

I’m sure the liquid pain medication will give me a little extra help in that department. : )


Berit said...

That looks a cozy spot to recuperate--Happy Healing! :)

Melissa said...

Thank you, Berit. I appreciate the well wishes! : ) Melissa

Sue said...

I hope you are up and about soon, it sure does look like a cozy place to be though.

Ann said...

Good idea Melissa, I was wondering the same about my blog too, it has developed into 'A Happy Homemaker' blog rather than just sewing and card making.

Get well soon.

Melissa said...

Sue, thanks for stopping by! I am doing well, considering the circumstances, and I hope to be back on my feet in a couple of weeks. It's planting season, and I refuse to be left behind!!! :) Melissa

Melissa said...

Ann, it's always good to 'see' you here. I treasure your visits, and hope all is well for you in the UK. I'm on the mend, and praying that this surgery does the trick.

I feel really good about my blog move. It was time. I don't seem to sew as much as I used to, but I'll continue doing it as I have time and inclination. Here, I feel like the pressure is off in that department. : ) Melissa

maura said...

Melissa I love the name of your new blog..very fitting! That's so sweet of your daughter and son writing notes and picking flowers....makes me wish my children were small again! Love your chair..what a comfy place to heal. Oh by the way...I have that same Fannie Farmer Cook Book...I make the Chicken and Dumplings. YUMMY! Please take good care of yourself. Maura

Melissa said...

Maura, I sincerely appreciate your encouragement. It was a much debated decision to move my blog, but I'm enjoying my new space. I picked up my Fannie Farmer cookbook at an estate sale a few months ago. I'll be sure to try the Chicken and Dumplings! : ) Melissa