Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In Bloom


Spring has definitely arrived on our little homestead. Zinnias are happily hanging on the back porch.


I don’t even mind that the daffodils are spent, and the pear trees are losing flowers with each day.


That just means that warmer days are finally here.

It doesn’t get much better than 78 degrees and sunny. Perfect hammock weather.

And time to plant the vegetable garden.


The herbs have awakened from their winter dormancy.


Pink petunias grace our back step.


And English lavender, too.  It smells so good in the gentle breeze.


Just days ago those pear trees at the end of our drive were COVERED in white.

But I don’t mind the green. Green is more than welcome here after the long, cold winter.

I don’t ever remember it being so cold for so long here in Alabama. Record breaking cold.


Pink roses are one of my weaknesses. I never feel like I have enough of them.


And this one last pansy is holding on despite the warmth. It’ll be gone soon.


And so will these pink blooms on the tree that overhangs our pier. But, for now, I’m soaking up the goodness of Spring.

Our first one here on the homestead.

Life is good.


Ann said...

Your weather looks perfect, I could do with some of it here. We have the possibility of snow, some areas in the north have had it, I've never known a winter like it. As I look out of my window the sky is a beautiful blue but the wind is bitingly cold so I won't be in my veg plot today.

Chiot's Run said...

WOW, I can't believe you have zinnias blooming already. The lavender is lovely, I've always though about getting some. I have traditional purple lavender but it doesn't love the climate here.

maura said...

Hi Melissa! Wow I LOVE your wonder you don't travel much...if I had a lake like that in my back yard I don't think I'd want to go anywhere..and with that waiting for me back home maybe it would be a little less hard to leave my family back in British Columbia. You have a beautiful homestead and it's nice to see someone else enjoying their first spring on the farm. I wish our yard was in a good a shape as yours's just beautiful. We have a lot of grass seed to put down and dirt work to do before I'll feel really good taking pictures near the house! Oh's just wonderful to enjoy the peace and quiet of spring in the country. Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by this morning. Take care. Maura

Sue said...

wow Melissa, you have lake at your back door!!!! Very jealous here. What a gorgeous place to live.

Melissa said...

Ann, I've been thinking of you lately, and hope your weather warms very soon.

Suzy, this is one of the BIGGEST reasons I love living in Alabama. Winters are often short and mild, and spring comes early. Remind me I said that when the summer heat and humidity are scorching us!

Maura, indeed it is like being on a perpetual vacation. We are very happy here. Your homestead is beautiful, too! I love seeing your pictures.

Sue, we love it here! I can't imagine ever wanting to be any where else.