Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Someone had a birthday this weekend!


How is it that my firstborn is 9 years old? Precious time passes so quickly these days…


He’s poised to make his birthday wish and blow out the candles.


He told me he got EVERYTHING he wanted. My sweet boy. I do love you, so.


Slip and slide fun!


It’s tradition. We do this crazy thing every year. No one complains.


My precious parents. Mom and Dad, thank you for everything... I appreciate you so much more now that I am a mom myself.


I caught my Dad and brother sneaking a cast or two. Can you blame them? Nope.


My oldest and dearest friend, Kellie, came with her husband and sweet niece Carly. She and Sara Lynn were fast friends.


A good time was had by all!


Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Happy Birthday Daniel! Melissa it looks like everyone had a wonderful time...you're so fortunate to have your family living close to you. Love the picture of the adult going down that wet slide LOL! I bet everyone got a little wet by the looks of some of the pictures...lots of fun. I hope things are ok with little Emilie. Have a wonderful day! Maura :)

Melissa @ Sweet Homestead Alabama said...

Maura, that was my crazy husband going down the slip and slide! He had more fun than the kiddies... but he couldn't move the next morning. We had to go to church without him! And Emilie is improving. Her sweet mommy came to the party and brought Emilie's big brother. I think it did her good to get her mind off of it for a while. It is such a blessing to be surrounded by friends and family.

Rhetta @ On Raspberry Hill said...

A belated happy birthday to Daniel! Looks like everyone had a great time at your beautiful homestead. So glad Emilie is improving! Blessings to all.

Melissa @ Sweet Homestead Alabama said...

Thanks, Rhetta! We did have a very good time celebrating with dear friends and family. : )