Thursday, November 4, 2010

A family heirloom quilt


This quilt was made by a woman I never met - my great-grandmother. I can’t help but feel a deep connection to her, and the past, when I wrap up in this old quilt which was stitched with love many years ago. I wonder if she thought about who might wrap up in the quilt she made. I wonder if she thought about her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren yet to be born.


I wonder if she hoped it would be cherished as she hand-stitched each piece carefully together… these little bits of flour sack and old garments rearranged to make a family heirloom. I’ve heard stories of how she and the local women would gather to quilt and converse in the afternoons once the chores were done. I’ve heard of her quilt cabinet which was stuffed to overflowing with her handmade quilts. I’ve heard stories of her cooking and her love. I feel blessed to hold this little piece of her in my hands and in my heart.

I will cherish it always, Mama Jones.


The Mac's House said...

Melissa that quilt is in EXCELLENT condition. I had pieces of one that my Grandmother made but it burnt in the fire that took down my mothers home several years back. I have replica pieces that I'm going to make a quilt of my own and YES I do think about who might snuggle up in it.

I LOVE your quilt and the fact that it has stayed in the family all those years.

WOW, what an awesome story! Thanks for sharing!

Thankfully my word tonight is not "Loony"! LOL


Sue said...

oh wow, what a fantastic heirloom and it's wonderful that you have stories to go with it. Treasure it forever.

Sweet Homestead Alabama said...

Teri, I hate to hear that about your heirloom quilt. I'm glad you intend to make a replica... I know it will be cherished! I hope to make a few quilts of my own soon. I want my children to have heirlooms to pass down as well. : )

Sue, I love old things. This quilt is so special to me because of the heritage it carries. I recently purchased a quilt rack for it because I don't want it to wear out!

Diane@Peaceful Acres said...

It's in beautiful condition Melissa! Just beautiful. Most of ours (even the ones I've made) are worn and difficult to repair. I hate using them too much but really we just can't resist. There is no warmth like that of a quilt!

Ann said...

That quilt is breathtaking, how lovely that you have inherited this wonderful heirloom.


What?! That quilt looks sparkling new. Beautiful. Do you machine was your treasure. We certainly have dropped some wonderful traditions for not so important junk.

Sweet Homestead Alabama said...

Diane, I completely agree. We love quilts!

Ann, I couldn't be happier to have this treasure!

Maybelline, I do machine wash my quilts, but not frequently. As for this quilt, I don't remember seeing it in use at my grandmother's house. I'm sure she treasured this quilt that her mother made above all others and kept it tucked away. I refuse to tuck this quilt into a closet. It is hanging on a quilt rack displayed prominently and proudly. I doubt I will use it often for fear of damaging it and because we have many others (thankfully!) to wrap up in.