Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Homemade yogurt + homemade granola + raw honey = BLISS!


This flavor combination makes my taste buds do the tango! And because all of the ingredients can be made ahead (or even store-bought if necessary), it’s a quick and easy breakfast for those mornings when you may be slim on time. We love it any old time!


I make crispy nuts every few weeks in the Nourishing Traditions fashion. Soaked and dehydrated, these tasty little gems go great in school lunches and they’re perfect for snacking, too. I use them in any recipe that calls for nuts.


They’re easily stored in mason jars until you’re ready for them… Yum! My jars don’t stay full for very long.


And, I can’t recommend more highly this recipe for soaked and dehydrated (in my oven!) granola.

It is seriously good! I make a half recipe every two weeks and it fills up 2 quart size mason jars. I like to keep a jar in the car for snacking – it helps me resist the temptation to eat unhealthy foods when I get hungry. And actually, I just LOVE to eat this granola! It’s delicious and nutritious.

The first time I made it, I soaked my nuts right along with my oats and dehydrated everything together. This last time, I added crispy pecans to the finished granola… I like it better this way. You can really taste the nuts. I also added a generous amount of raisins to the finished granola. When making half the recipe, I use 1 cup of honey substituted for the date paste Wardeh uses to sweeten the granola. Just laziness on my part, but it turned out great! My yogurt came from an Amish family who makes it from raw cow’s milk – so, so, good. One day, I’ll be brave and try Amanda's method for making yogurt. This granola recipe sounds more complicated than it actually is… give it a try!


SandyQuilts said...

I see you have many gluten free recipes. You probably already know about 365 days of crockpot cooking at


All of her recipes are gluten free.

Sue said...

oh I will be giving it a try, this recipe sounds delicious.