Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Hen House


I am smitten with this little hen house!


I wasted no time getting some marigolds into that cute window box.


And my favorite part of the hen house? This weather vane.


The chicks are growing visibly with each passing day. We need to get started on their run ASAP.


These longer days and warm weather keep us outside until dark nearly everyday.

Would you believe we’ve gone from record breaking cold straight into record breaking heat?

We’ve hit the 90 degree mark a couple times this week. Craziness! But, I’m not complaining.

My seedlings are thriving, except for the ones my hubs put out into the sunlight yesterday.

He thought he was being helpful, but they didn’t have true leaves yet. They keeled over big time.

Oh, well. I’m off to get started on some new ones. It was my peppers and ground cherries that bit the dust.

Seventy-two of them. Sigh.


Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Melissa congratulations on your chicken coop and what a BEAUTY it is!!! It's so darn cute! I love the window box with the marigolds..the perfect cottage touch. Thank you for your comment this morning and for giving me the web address to your old house and renovations. I tried to publish the comment but Blogger won't let me comment or put publish other comments on my blog...I'll have to check into it and get that fixed. I wanted to tell you that I LOVE what you did in your master bathroom. What you did with the vanity is what I'm planning on doing with our old main bathroom and then eventually the master if we get to that one day. I LOVE the tub..oh my what a wonderful soak you could have in that baby and I'm sure you did! I'm sure you'll do the same in your new bathroom but I bet you're still too busy enjoying your new surroundings and who can blame you! Have fun with your chicks and your new coop and I hope you have another sunny day to enjoy. Take care Maura

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Forgot...I'm sorry that you lost a bunch of your seedlings. I'm sure your husband feels bad..poor fellow. Oh well next year will be better. Happy gardening! Maura

Ann said...

Wow, I could live in that hen house myself, it is so pretty!


Growing from seeds have so many benefits.
One of those benefits is the investment is just a "blip" to your checkboook. The most you've invested is time. Nice to have a helpful husband.

Melissa said...

Maura,I appreciate you taking the time to look at our last bathroom reno... and yes, I enjoyed many soaks in that tub. I'm thinking this winter may be a good time to redo this master, and it will definitely have a claw foot tub!

Ann, I could certainly live in there, too! Just the right size for a daybed... : )

Maybelline, I'm so glad you dropped by. You're right about planting from seeds. It's so much more affordable. I also like the variety you can get from heirloom seeds. We've just spent the afternoon planting corn and peas... 20 rows of each! I couldn't have done it without my sweet husband's help.I'm loving this spring weather!

Sue said...

sorry to hear about your poor little seedlings.
The chook house is amazing I WANT ONE!