Monday, April 5, 2010

The Perfect Easter Weekend


We enjoyed a wonderful weekend around here… Bugs were caught, examined, and then released. Long walks (and runs) were taken around the pond.


The lavender smelled soooooo good. Sunset picnics were had on the pier (tuna salad, vegetable soup, corn chips, and fresh fruit – Yum!)


A new play set was erected, and fun times were had on the swings and slide. More seeds were started (red milkweed, bee balm, chamomile, dahlias, and more.)


There were baskets of treats and lollipops, games in the living room floor, lots and lots of good food, and a spectacular Easter egg hunt.

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Those little egg hunters worked so hard… Sara Lynn really stood her ground when one of her eggs was stuck in a pipe.

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And she wouldn’t rest until another egg was rescued from a hole way up high in a tree. A good time was had by all this Easter weekend.

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Even my cousin’s sweet babe would agree. That’s him with my brother, and again with my Papa, and then with me. What a cutie!


We’re so blessed here… have I mentioned to you that most of my family lives just around the corner from us? That’s my Papa’s gorgeous house and grounds in the egg hunting photos, then my aunt, uncle and cousin live next door to him, and my mom, dad, and brother live just down the street. The rest of the bunch lives within easy driving distance (the furthest is 30 miles) from my grandfather (Papa). God has truly blessed our family.

Our Easter worship service at church on Sunday morning was very moving. One of Daniel’s long-time friends was baptized, and it has prompted much conversation here at home. It is my greatest mission in life to raise children who are followers of our Lord Jesus Christ. Everything else I do pales in comparison to that one goal.

Great Christ-centered discussion + my good hearted boy = a slightly weepy mama (tears of joy!)

And I’m pleased to tell you that mama was able to find her way to the hammock (more than once) this weekend.


Janean said...

melissa, these photos brought a big ol' smile to my face.
worship, family, comfort, beautiful weather and scenery....not to mention that hammock.
we have one like it and it's sooooo comfortable. doncha adore feeling the air from under you as swing?
thanks for stopping by and thank you for sharing your day!

Ann said...

An idyllic family Easter, looks like everyone had a lovely time. Fab playset, every child's dream!!!