Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thrifty Treasures


I’m a frugal girl. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I absolutely love shopping at estate sales and thrift stores.

We use cloth napkins around here, and I adore silver… so these gorgeous napkin rings made it home with me from the last estate sale I visited.

Also purchased was a vintage silver and glass coaster (in which my glass of water is now resting!) and beautiful handmade doily.

It really breaks my heart to see once treasured items going so cheaply. Really. Someone spent countless hours crocheting that intricate doily which I purchased for $1.00. So sad to me. But, I will treasure it.


I also picked up a cute little picnic basket that someone lovingly lined with fabric. We’ve already used it once for it’s intended purpose, and I’m sure we’ll use it many more times to come.


Have I told you how much I love vintage sheets? I like to sew Sara Lynn and I pajamas out of them. Recently, Daniel even requested his own pajama pants made from a sheet he picked out of my stash. I can’t imagine anything more soft and cozy to sleep in. Not to mention, you can get amazing yardage for very little money with sheets.


My heart leapt with joy when I saw this piece! I can hardly wait to make pancake balls.


Last, but not least, are these fabulous soup bowls and saucers. I love the poppies! And the two little handles. I can imagine soup (of course), oatmeal, or even grits (I’m thinking of you, Maura!) served up in these.


For under $25, I’m feeling really good about my treasures.

I wonder, do you enjoy thrifting or purchase items secondhand?


The Mac's House said...

Love all your finds. Makes me want to go out and search today too. :)

Stacey said...

We are thrift store and yard sale junkies. I get such a thrill out of finding a great bargain. I found a leather riding jacket in a beautiful lime green shade, I picked it up because of the color and then the price was $5 bucks and to top it all off it was my exact size. It wasn't till I got it home that I realized it was Leather! And it was practically brand new.... I admit I did a jig when I was all alone. There is nothing like a good second hand store.

Melissa said...

The Mac's House, I love the pic of your house! I'm so glad you stopped by. And I'm glad you liked my treasures... they make me happy.

Stacey, what an amazing find! I never have any luck on clothing items for myself. I do pretty good for the kids in that department, so I can't complain. With that jacket I'd have done a happy dance, too! And lime green... one of my FAVORITE clothing colors right now.


Could you direct me to a source for an apron pattern? I'm looking for a bib style that crosses in the back. Anything around my neck is bothersome.


Melissa said...

Maybelline, here's a nice FREE pattern for a bib style apron:

And if that one doesn't suit you, here are many, many more to choose from:

I hope you find something you like! I love aprons. I have several, but my favorite is a full contact (store-bought) apron that keeps me clean all over.

Have fun!


I was even thinking of a lab coat.
I'm in the mood to do some sewing.

Ann said...

There's nothing more satisfying then a bargain!

I know that feeling when I see something that was treasured and is now in a charity shop, especially when there is a full collection of something.

I've never heard of pancake ball, be sure to show some, sounds like something I'd like.

Melissa said...

Ann, I will absolutely post my first pancake balls! Seems like a good Saturday morning breakfast to me. I bet the kids will think they're fabulous. :)

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

LOL I caught that about the grits Melissa!!!! What a wonderful find...I love silver too and I LOVE that coaster. I can picture you sitting in that chair that you showed us on your blog and having that coaster on a table beside it as you sit and look out those beautiful windows at your pond! I feel the same way about doilies and other needlework that you see selling for such cheap prices at flea markets and garage sales etc. I have quite a few that I have picked up at 'sales'. I used to have my Grandmothers (Nana to me)doilies but when I moved to Kansas I left them with my children. I know my daughter will take good care of them. I can imagine the hours that went into making those beautiful works of art. That's a great idea about making PJ bottoms and PJ's out of sheets...I buy them too but I've just used them for other projects. It's not very often I buy 'new'...not when I can buy a pair of great jeans for $3.95 at Goodwill!!! Good luck with the next 'sale' you attend...happy hunting! Take care. MauraXX