Friday, April 9, 2010

Today’s Catch


We spent another gorgeous evening on the pond.


It makes me happy to see these two together. Their activity of choice these days is fishing.


Looks like a big one!


Poor Cocoa desperately wanted to help.


Daniel really got in there and checked this guy out.


3 lbs. 13 oz.


Sara Lynn wanted touch it, too. Fearless little girl.


Catch and release. Yep. That’s how we do it most days.


Sweet Sammy. She really irritated me by laying in my newly planted flowerbed yesterday.

005 016 042

I planted roses (on the far side, hard to see them here), marigolds, and purple pincushions (above).

Thankfully, Sammy didn’t squish many of them. And I’m happy to report my tomato and rosemary seedlings are doing good.

I still haven’t started any more peppers or ground cherries since these were lost. That task is at the top of my to-do list.


All in all, we’re doing pretty good around here. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello Melissa! What a wonderful way to spend your day or your own pond. That's what life is all about..enjoying our families and those places we call 'home'. That was a HUGE fish the 'boys' caught and what a great idea to catch and release....just think how big that fellow will be the next time they catch him! I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend. Take care.

Ann said...

Looks like living in your new home is suiting you all very much. It's a wonderful place to bring up your children.

Melissa said...

Maura, we did have a wonderful weekend. I'm so glad you stopped by.

Ann, I can't imagine a better place to raise my children. We're all so very happy here.

inadvertent farmer said...

We've been catching salmon around here...hubby and the big boys have been going to the Columbia River to get the spring Chinooks!

What a wonderful way to spend the have a simply stunning place there, I will certainly be back to visit! Kim

Melissa said...

Kim, I'm so glad you stopped by! You're lucky to be able to catch your own salmon... yum! Bream and bass are available to us, and they're tasty, too. Mostly, we just enjoy fishing as a past time, and catch and release most days. We'd have to eat fish every meal if I cleaned all the fish those boys caught! :) Melissa